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 How to get the scene chicks.

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Chris Duncan Clothing


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PostSubject: How to get the scene chicks.   Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:03 pm

Ok first you gotta live the cool factor....Like on the movie RockStar Marky Mark was in a band and the manager said "Live the life".
What dose this mean to BMXers?It means that you gotta BE the cool dudes that you are. Know it...know that you are cool and girls will be attracted to that. Moreover, know that the girls you're after are cool too. You wouldn't
want them if they were nerds....also contrary to popular belief nerd
girls don't party like in the movies. So you want a scene girl...I
don't blame ya. Here is what ya do. Since you now know that you are
an interesting dude....you love BMX right? Well loving bmx with a
passion goes in the same category as being in a band. Act like ya
know you are an artist(dont be a pompous ass either. Just know that
you are the cool little hell raiser that she needs in her life. You
dress cool therefor you are cool.You're a frigging bmxer.....Scene
Gurls love that shit. So where ever you are (skate park, trails, or
night time party hang out) remember that if the chicks show up and
stay where you are act like you're just having a good time without
them for a second or two(more like a minute or two) until you start
talking to them. The only thing to remember is that if you start
talking to them and they stick around your good because they WANT to
be there. If they are girls that you recognize who are always at your
park chilling and watching people ride then even better.
1.Biggest rule to remember when approaching them with your opener:
NEVER ASK THE STUPIDEST QUESTION IN THE BOOK- like..."do you have a boy friend" That is lame! They hear that shit all the
time. Also equally annoying to them is any question that beats around
the bush. For example, a statement that is not interesting or asking
the same question that you would ask a senior citizen.
Make a statement like,
-Hey did you hear that Obama got caught smoking
a joint
-Did you hear about the new animal
shelter that they are opening up?(make sure that she is the type of
girl that likes animals-most do,unless they are satanic)
-Did you see the fight that went down here the other day?.... Well a husband
got beat up by his wife. Tragic, its probably gonna be in the
She will be surprised that you have something to say
other than how is the weather? It doesn't matter what comes out of
your mouth as long as its creative or interesting past a cliché
remark. After you get her attention(and remember getting
her attention doesn't have any thing to do with your balls, she will
be ready for a compliment. Say a compliment like your hair is
beautiful, where did you get it done? Mean it if you say that too.
Don't say it to an ugly girl unless you fully know that you are not
interested in her in the least bit. Even ugly or fat girls will know
if they are being played. They have claws too and you don't wanna
mess with them. Only talk to girls that you seriously think are hot.
Don't settle for second,third or fourth best, leave them for the
retired high school quarterback at Walmart. So, after your compliment
she will be flustered. This is good. If she tells you where she got
her hair DID, say oh yeah I know where that is...my dad plays pool
close to that place...cool. At this point don't wait for her to take
control of the conversation, but do let her take the center stage.
Start asking her about other stuff UNRELATED to her body (keep eye
contact dude) Ask if she is has been to a party lately? If she says
yes or no get ready to tell her a “super quick” story about a
party that you recently went to. Weather it's made up or even if it
happened like two years ago tell it like it happened yesterday...be
edgy-interesting guy. Don't go on a long tangent either, state an
interesting party experience and move onto analyzing what she thinks
about it. If she responds with a least a smirk then you did good.
Then quickly go back to questions about her, (of course if she said
yes about recently attending a party and after your quick story she
instantly blasts into gabbing about something don't interrupt her.)
If she hasn't been to a party recently your story was probably a
breath of fresh air to her and she will be enticed if she is your
kind of girl.

After the mood quickly winds down from the party comments or if she is kinda quiet after your party subject ask her about where she works. If she has a job ask her many question about what she does there while throwing in a few comments that assure her that you know what it's like to work even if you don't have a job or never did. If she is suspect of your work experience say
your mom and dad are slave drivers.(Funny!) If she doesn't have a job
then don't ask her where she gets her money, say “that must be
nice. …..................”
Asking her about her job is a touchy
subject don't stay on it for too long.
Go to other questions that are more fun
as quick as you can get to them.

Have fun and think about what you say even if its hours before you start talking to girls.
Any way I'll post more on this later.....just get to using this
formula of asking questions and continuing conversations with girls.
You gotta be able to talk like the wind or you will get no where with

Try this shit out and let me know how
it goes.
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How to get the scene chicks.
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